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Dong Zhenglong is an active individual on the internet who uses his real name and has a unique identity that makes him easily recognizable online. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education from National Central University and has several years of teaching experience. Additionally, he is an expert in tutoring and has authored an e-book titled “The Bible of Making Money as a Tutor,” which he promotes through internet marketing.


Through Dong Zhenglong's case, we can witness the advantages and influence of internet marketing. He has effectively utilized internet marketing techniques to attract a large number of tutoring students and clients, establishing his own brand and business in the realm of online entrepreneurship. His success serves as proof that internet marketing is a crucial tool in the digital era, capable of facilitating business growth and success for individuals and companies alike.

Dong revealed that over 90% of his tutoring students are acquired through internet marketing, and he has never used paid advertising, relying primarily on SEO techniques. He believes in the powerful impact of internet marketing and has experienced a continuous influx of parents as clients and high hourly income as a result. Furthermore, Dong has been involved in English translation for many years and possesses excellent English skills, enabling him to easily stay updated on the latest information regarding international internet marketing trends.


Not only has Dong achieved success in the field of internet marketing, but he is also frequently invited to deliver speeches at secondary schools and participate in lectures on topics such as drug prevention, human rights, and public welfare, showcasing his passion for writing. He is regarded as a versatile teacher and is referred to as an internet marketing superhero due to his extensive expertise in various domains.


In the field of internet marketing, Dong positions himself as an internet marketing superhero and successfully established Taiwan’s first internet marketing system called “Super Marketing,” offering guidance for online entrepreneurship and internet marketing consulting services. His diverse range of products and services sets him apart as an outstanding figure among internet marketing teachers in Taiwan. He specializes in teaching skills such as reselling rights, hand-drawn videos, and software licensing, assisting individuals in realizing their dreams of building successful online businesses.


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